Stainless Steel 44Wave Lid



  • Title:  Stainless Steel 44Wave Lid
  • Description:  The ECOtanka 44Wave Stainless Steel Lid is a lid that offers a full stainless steel look with a wave pattern pressed around the outside edge and a wide curve shaped stainless steel handle to make it more comfortable to hold. The 44wave lid is designed to fit and cover the top rim of the bottle to keep your drinking area cleaner. The lid is also fitted with a silicone seal made from German silicone and meets EU and FDA product standards. This lid has a design patent in the following countries: New Zealand and Germany, the following needs to be added to your website if showing this lid. N.Z. REGD. DES. NO. 423234 D.E. REGD. DES. NO. 402017101117-0001
  • Owner:  ECOtanka Global Limited
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  • Keywords:  44wave lid, stainless steel 44wave lid, stainless steel lid
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  • Added:  Dec 9, 2017
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