600ml MiniTANKA with Poly Loop lid and carabiner-Blue



  • Title:  600ml MiniTANKA with Poly Loop lid and carabiner-Blue
  • Description:  ECOtanka Single wall 304 stainless steel bottle with Poly Loop lid and carabiner, blue transparent painting, silk screen printing Logo and laser bottom printing. BOTTLE SPECS: Volume: 600ml, Height:230mm (apprx), Diameter: 72mm, Weight: 175grams (apprx).
  • Owner:  ECOtanka Global Limited
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  • Keywords:  600ml, 600ml bottle, 600ml minitanka, blue, blue bottle, blue transparent painting, carabiner, minitanka, minitanka single wall, poly loop lid, poly loop lid and carabiner, single wall, transparent painting
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  • Copyright:  Copyright @ 2007-2017 ECOtanka Global Limited
  • Added:  Apr 17, 2017
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